In Loving Memory of Kelly Anne Robinson (1978-2017) (L-R) Tan, Tash, Kelly and Chele (355K)
12. Kelly  © 2021

Imagine There's a Heaven(160K)
11. Imagine There's a Heaven © 2021

Hiils to Climb, Hills to Climb, You've got yours and I've got mine ... (160K)
10. Hills to Climb © 2021

Vic's rig - I remember some years ago, drivin' ...(27K)
09. The Country Line © 2021

Capitol Building - Washington D.C. (232K)
08. Stand for Truth and Freedom! © 2021

Aleksandra (Sandy) Denisenko Rogalski - 1922-2011 - our angel mother! (32K)
07. Have You Ever Seen An Angel Cry?

(You are) Precious in His sight (150K)
06. Precious in His Sight

Under Southern Skies (150K)
05. Under Southern Skies

You Are the One (168K)
04. You Are The One

(Tenor-Sax Solo version in Key of C)
As Evenin’ Falls (401K)
03. As Evenin' Falls

I Read A Book (61K)
02. I Read A Book

Learn From the Past (150K)
01. Learn From The Past