"Good music can help us make it through the hard times in life!"
Stan Rogalski

LATEST MUSIC NEWS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

02/10/2021 - Imagine There's a Heaven 
29/03/2021 - Hills to Climb 
14/03/2021 - The Country Line 
04/03/2021 - Stand for Truth and Freedom! 
04/09/2020 - Have You Ever Seen An Angel Cry? 
25/04/2020 - (You Are) Precious in His Sight 
19/03/2020 - As Evenin' Falls 
17/03/2020 - Under Southern Skies    
11/03/2020 - You Are the One

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Stan Rogalski is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
and a West-Australian-born singer/songwriter with a passion for good music.
In December 2004, his song "As Evenin' Falls" was placed first in the
lyrics category of the international "Song of the Year" competition.
He shares some of his original music on this website.